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Part of ICN's Mission is to share and inform with ICN members and their families, some of the most amazing Christian schools - in the world! In addition, ICN members can become aware of the benefits of a Biblical worldview Christian education -and why it is so important in today's culture.

The better ICN's Christian School Partner program is - the better ICN and our Christian School Partners will enable and prepare Christ-followers to grow deeper in their faith, be equipped to serve, and better educated to intentionally live the God-honoring life we are called to live. This strategy will produce more hope and encouragement while strengthening God's people and our partner network. That is really good news!

It is ICN's goal to provide a world-class and an ever-growing list of Christian School Partners. We are also building out a Christian School Partner Directory listing with areas for more advanced marketing opportunities in the members-only area of the platform. To apply to become an ICN Christian School Partner click the button below:

Look here regularly as we will make announcements and feature additional strategic partners and their offerings for ICN members!

Westminster Christian Academy - St. Louis

One example of ICN's Christian School Partners is Westminster Christian Academy. We are so thankful to support WCASTL! They are one of the premier, if not the top Christian school in the greater St. Louis, MO region serving grades 7-12.

WCASTL's Vision statement is to: "Prepare and equip more young men and women to engage the world and change it for Jesus Christ." That is a Vision Statement which ICN aligns with completely!

WCASTL's Mission statement is to: "honor Jesus Christ by providing an excellent education, rooted in biblical truth as interpreted by the Westminster Confession of Faith, for the children of Christian parents. Faculty and staff enable students to discover and embrace a biblical view of the world and integrate that view into every area of life."

Westminster exists to serve Christian families.

Our programs and curriculum prepare students in grades 7–12 for college and career, but our emphasis on biblical truth, spiritual growth, and character formation equips students to reach higher and engage their world for Jesus Christ.

However, this can only be achieved when the home, school, and church work together. At Westminster, we believe in partnering with families and the church to effectively help students discover, embrace, and integrate a biblical view of the world into every aspect of their lives.

Another example of ICN approving a Christian School is with Liberty University. ICN has chosen to support Liberty to provide our members with information about one of the world's largest Christian University's.

Liberty's Vision is to: "Liberty University Trains Champions for Christ with the values, knowledge, and skills essential for impacting tomorrow’s world."

This is yet again, a Vision that supports what ICN is committed to doing - promoting Biblical worldview Christian education to ICN's Christ-followers!

Founded in 1971 in Lynchburg, Va., Liberty has grown from a small college of 154 students into a university with a residential student body of over 15,000.

Academic Programs

  • Over 700 Unique Programs of Study (Some Available Both Residentially & Online)
  • Over 300 Residential Programs
  • Over 200 Undergraduate
  • 27 Graduate With 100+ Specializations
  • 7 Doctoral
  • Over 450 Online Programs
  • Over 100 Undergraduate
  • Nearly 300 Graduate
  • 15 Postgraduate
  • Over 75 Doctoral

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